Thursday, March 28, 2013

¡Qué Feos Modos Twitter People!

So a Dominican man won the Powerball Jackpot and some Twitter nacos started to spread hate.

I am Domexican-American, so between the victory of the World Baseball Classic by the powerful D.R. team,  and my compatriot's win; I am psyched. The new multi-gallion-millionare, Pedro Quezada, is a  Bodega owner. His first plans are to replace his current car (his feet) for a better one, and help his family.  Read the real story here:

Oh. But this just in. Seems Mr. Quezada has a bit of back child support he owes. Can't say there's a valid reason not to pay after winning the lotto.
I've spared you the hatred of the other tweets. Check them out if you're up for it. 

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