Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Don't Panic Amigos. The End is not Near

If anything signaled the end of times, it was not the Mayan Calendar's interpretation of doomsday on 12-12-12. No, it was the upsetting headline I read this morning:

"Mexican Coke Switching To Corn Syrup From Cane Sugar" 

Fortunately, I then read another headline this afternoon, and the world was once again in peace and the planets aligned. 

 "Mexican Coke in US Will Still Use Cane Sugar."

 Unfortunately, our friends in Mexico will be victims of the corn syrup cocktail. If you haven't had the pleasure of downing a super-cold MexiCoca with a torta, a taco, an helote loaded with all the trimmings, you know why this Coke scare matters. The Mexican Coke comes in a classic bottle made of heavy clear glass. The kind of glass that when you get too eager and accidentally have your teeth, instead of your lips, touch the mouth of the bottle; it really hurts. To hold a heavy bottle of MexiCoca and enjoy the burning sensation of sweetness slide down your throat, is a clean -dare I say 'organic'-taste. That is because Mexican Coke doesn't use artificial sweeteners, just sugar cane sugar. Here in the East Coast, there are several restaurants that are nice enough to offer me an option  of which Coke I want. I don't drink pop so often, so that is why this revelation of MexiCoca staying true to its sugar cane roots is reassuring.

If you haven't had the pleasure of a side by side comparison of regular Classic Coke and a MexiCoca, go try and let us know if you too are relieved. 


4 Reasons why the MexiCoca is better for you- by Latin Times


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