Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mextasy/Eyegiene/Technosexualities in Kentucky! Filmatics Film Festival @ UCSD!! Cinco de Mextasy @ Grossmont College!!! Latin American Studies/Technology/Race in NYC!!!!

The middle of the 2015 finds me hopping all over the place sharing new iterations of my dabblings in cultural studies/social theory (focused on Lacan, to begin with, at any rate), Tex[t]-Mex/Mextasy, my pop-up museum exhibition, Mextasy.TV, my new television venture with Miguel-Angel Soria (of Taco Shop Poets fame/infamy) and Carlos Solorio, and, last but not least, a new venture, focused on Alex Rivera's Sleep Dealer that combines my interests, and doubles down with new heights of madness/desmadres!

April 23, 2015, finds me the guest of the Committee on Social Theory, College of Arts and Letters, at the University of Kentucky in Lexington for a lecture entitled ""Chicanosmosis and the Transnational Imaginary (Imaginary): 21st Century Mextasy In and Beyond the Ivory Tower"--Imaginary (Imaginary) is not a typo as part of my lecture will include a harangue against theory-laden jargon that only continues to alienate cultural studies workers from the great "unwashed" masses--with
Chaka Khan, Nericcio, and
Jacques Lacan, back in the day!
whom yours truly would rather party with in the first place! Those lovely locos in Kentucky are not so interested in my Mextasy show (forcing me to revert to my prior guise as a Derrida/Foucault/Sarduy mouthpiece), but I am sneaking in elements of it anyway for my presentation that will focus on Alex Rivera, Izel Vargas, y mucho mas more! Part of said rant includes verbal tracings of Jacques Lacan (not to be confused with 80s diva Chaka Khan, though the homonymics at play in their conjoined names will, hopefully, lead to mirth and deeply ciphered deconstructive nonsense!

As I intend to utterly submerge myself into the rich, bourbon-saturated offerings to be found in Lexington, it's good that my next gig does not happen until the afternoon of May 3, 2015, when I will be hanging out with my aforementioned socios Miguel-Angel y Carlos, at the World Premiere of Mextasy.TV at the Filmatics Festival @ UCSD!  The screening is taking place at the loft which is one part events space and one part bar--the PERFECT locale for the debut of our madcap documentary television series. Here's the 'teaser' in case you have missed the 14,876 emails and Facebook postings I have shared to promote the beast of a show!

The next event is on Cinco de Mayo or Cinco de Mextasy at Grossmont College, where I will be dragging my traveling Mextasy museum exhibition for a performance, reading, book-signing, schmoozing extravaganza!!!!   I can't wait to share the Mextasy circus here in San Diego after traveling with it all over the place at NYU, Brooklyn @ the Observatory, Boise State University, UTEP, Ohio State University, Adrian College, Richland College, and god knows what other wild locales!  More news to follow on the time and place for this San Diego mexycircus!

Last but not least, I am jumping on a red-eye for the Big Apple, NYC, for a May 14, 2015 lecture with Mark Dery, Naief Yehya, and a host of other Latin American cultural studies superheroes for the launch of Review 90: Latin America and the Technological Imaginary in the Digital Age, a publication of the Americas Society & the Council of the Americas!  The talk goes down at 7pm at the swank Americas Society headquarters, 680 Park AvenueNew York, NY.

I will share more details on this page with updates to this page!

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