Saturday, January 01, 2022

The Full Pilot Episode for #Mextasy, the TV Show that Grew out of Tex[t]-Mex is now LIVE!!!

A few years back I was going to host a television show. We got pretty far along in the process, pitching to Lionsgate here, to PBS there, to National Geographic here, to Netflix there, but in the end it was "close but no cigar." That's showbiz! The pilot episode, however, embargoed for years owing to internecine squabbles, is now free and out in the clear and me and my fellow executive producers of the show, Miguel-Angel Soria, Carlos Solorio, and Bola Juarez are proud to share it with you. Let it serve as a monument to all the great production folks in Mexico City, Tijuana, San Diego, and Los Angeles that made this show possible! Omicron or not, if you would like to have me out to your campus, museum, school, gallery, or whatnot for a screening and a Q&A, just reach out to me at Happy New Year y viva #mextasy!

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