Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Carmen Mesta | The Young and the Restless | Tex[t]-Mex

Cultural Studies maven and SDSU graduate student Jim Ricker has been watching The Young and the Restless lately (God help him!) and has run across a character, Carmen Mesta, whose intrigues evoke the contours of our Tex[t]-Mex adventures. Click here for the full scoop!

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  1. While on the subject of Latin stereotypes portrayed on film...I saw a flyer on campus promoting the San Diego Latin Film Festival March 8-18 at the Hazard Center Theatre. I plan on attending in hope to compare our class studies thus far reveled against the featured films-Ironically produced by modern Latin cinematographers and not white men Hollywood. Since the beginning of E493’s journey, America's mainstream of facsimiles, icons, symbols, fragmented dogmas, and deeply rooted prejudices, and many more, have all opened my eyes as if seeing for the first time. I just hope we don‘t cease to exist with the realization of knowing, especially if our last encounter is with shit! But back to the topic, Carmen Mesta is a great example of current "Latinas"/”Latinos” presented on screens to audiences “fetishing” over Hollywood! We are a world full of Yambos, living in a world we know nothing of, don’t you think?

    P.S. I hope the Latin Festival may count the same as the La Jolla Festival Extra Credit offer, since some students may have schedule conflicts. :)

    Megan Fancy