Saturday, May 31, 2008

Camille Rose García: Probing Disney's Unconscious With a Gifted Xicanosmotic Eye

Tragic Kingdom, "The Saddest Place on Earth"--with Camille Rose Garcia's work, we swim the innocence of Walt's imagination as if philtered through Franz Kafka's id. This SoCal Xicana's imagination continues to unfold in beautiful and dark, unpredictable ways. What I love about her art and what I suspect will keep her canvases rocketing up the hierarchy of the art world's ladder is the way she fuses the clever apt eye of high art--her themes of damned innocence and what might be thought of as a blighted existentia will always appeal to the ivory tower of artdom's keeprs--with the lurid, yellow journalistic, cadence of outsider art. Now that Will Elder has entered the marble orchard, she may well be my fave weaver of painted hieroglyphia.

Here's a damned fine interview with her, pictured below courtesy of this blog chronicling a Marion Peck gallery opening.


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