Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You Too Can Be a Sexy Migra Agent for Halloween and Beyond

Eagle-eye correspondent Michael Wyatt Harper writes in again this time with with a link to a saucy company that caters to the costume-seeking set. In a move that certainly must make Lou Dobbs sport a woody (sans Viagra, for sure!), they have seen fit to issue a border patrol costume that's a cross between Fredericks of Hollywood and Nazi Youth garb! Not only can you strut your fabulous stuff provocatively with the best of the pimps and hos out for fun in late October, but you can also give full vent to your pent-up Mexican-loathing/hunting baser instincts in the process!

Check it out:

One understands at a glance that a de Sadean invocation/encantation is afoot here--something violently sexual and sexually violent that I have dealt with before in another context. While I am no enemy of Sade-inspired play between the sheets, dios mio, we all know that--at least since Foucault outed Bentham's panopticon*--sadistic tendencies on the part of the state are far from random anomalies and that hence, we, as cultural workers or citizens or, even, gentle readers of blogs, must always be "on guard." 

Not in border patrol costumes, but on guard!


This marvelous costume is apparently ALL OVER the grand old internet!


Plus-sized fashion Mamas can now give vent to their erotic fascist stylings!


*Surveiller et punir, Paris: Gallimard, 1975 (Discipline and Punish, translated by Alan Sheridan, New York: Pantheon, 1977).


  1. She-Wolf of ICE?

    Another Brazzers-worthy chick, I say!

  2. I now know what Michelle Malkin will be wearing this Halloween.

  3. Nah, Michelle will dress as herself: a no-talent opportunist.