Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Fine Art of "Funny" "Mexican" Stereotyping

I have noted this before recently, but stumbled upon more trash today! But give credit where credit is due and tip your sombrero to the folks who put Family Guy on the air--they are the best at crafting tex[t]-mextian fabrications of ersatz and "funny" "Mexicans" on the air today; another recent sampling from Hulu:


  1. hey billy, still in my mexico city and have been traveling around (and eating out so much) that i haven't had much time to post. glad you like the santa one. i get back tomorrow, and will be back at work, to do, among other things, that essay for that book of poetry. yes, it is a small world...abrazos, L

    p.s. i should let you know that hulu doesn't allow international streaming so i'll have to wait till i'm back in the states to watch this one. maybe you know this, but i'm thinking of your blog fans worldwide :-(

  2. hey laura! happy to hear you'll be back stateside soon! thanks for the headsup on the hulu limitations; i'll try to note that in a future post.....abrazos from califas...