Wednesday, August 06, 2008

London Lecture at the Freud Museum!

One of my globetrotting, incredible students from the London 2005 Summer Program for SDSU recently sent me a video of my lecture there that took place in a unique venue, the one and only Freud Museum. I share it here as it was one of the highpoints of my career--to be allowed to lecture on Freud in his study (shhhhhhhhhhhh: I even sat on the couch when the guard was not looking! órale!).


  1. "remove the problem from the woman (ovaries) by dehumanizing the woman... that was science"

    'nother good one

  2. on some days, things actually work the way they are supposed to.... that was a magic day!

  3. I heart your lecture and wish I could've seen it in person! How inspiring it must have been to be there. I would've wanted to touch everything haha

    p.s. How was the couch? Did it reveal Freudian secrets and insights to you??? :)

    ~Jenn - Comp Lit sucker (operating under the veil of Backseat Betty *shhhhhh*)

  4. that's too too funny!!! lurking complitheads! they are the best.... bill