Sunday, September 14, 2008

Intrepid, Indomitable, Illegal Dad: Gustavo Arellano Piece in the LA Times

[Welcome, bienvenidos, to students from my English 220.19 class, Naked Mirrors, at SDSU--you might want to peek to your left when this page finishes loading for some sale prices that might delight/surprise!]

He's a gifted writer--maybe the raza Steinbeck (with bigger cojones, even) that we've been waiting for; a lefty scribe with the savvy of a Richard Rodriguez without all the numbing psychic baggage. The muses are like succubi to this Chicano whiz, intimately whispering wisdom to his ears, wisdom filtered with a wit and a sass that recall Voltaire, Swift, and Vonnegut--with some Dave Chappelle mixed in to keep it street smart and vital.

What am I writing about? Go here to see!

Here's Arellano from the Colbert Report!

Here's a jpeg of the piece from the times:

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