Saturday, May 30, 2009

La Llorona Revisited: Domino Perez, Lizz Lopez y mas...

update! new Lizz Lopez painting:


10/21/08, original posting

A quick link to my fave folklorist and all-around mensch Maribel Alvarez holding forth on Domino Perez's new UT Press book on Chicanodom's favorite wailing woman! The startling, evocative painting to the right (think Frida Kahlo channeled through Remedios Varo lensed by Hans Bellmer) is by Lizz Lopez of San Antonio, also referenced in Alvarez's new posting and Perez's fine new tome.

I love the xicanosmotic qualities of artist Lopez's bio from her website:

Elizabeth A. Lopez was raised on the Mexican American working-class side in San Antonio, Texas. An area with its own particular hybrid culture of Spanglish, vato culture, and often morbid folk religion and fervent Mexican American Catholicism, this daughter of a Southern Baptist Conservative minister grew up with would be criminals, drug dealers and a curious religious upbringing. Influenced by her early environment, the work of Lizz Lopez touches on issues relating to iconography, technology, and the struggle between reverent ideals and modern life. She attends Kaiser's School of Anesthesia and is diligently studying the art of putting humans to sleep. She currently resides in Hollywood California where she defies the law of gravity and actively contributes to the butterfly effect.

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