Monday, May 25, 2009

Amazon Buyers Make this Profe Blush (and, with greed, dream of filthy lucre)

For whatever reason, at 7:37am Monday, March 25, 2009, Tex[t]-Mex found itself atop the U.S. Hispanic charts in History and Criticism! Pretty cool for this peculiar labor of love! Gracias, gracias to the demiurges at work behind the scenes!


  1. Not too big a surprise, vato. . .Tex(t)-Mex is on some kinda superjuice--came out punchin' and never stopped hittin' since
    Frederick L

  2. gracias, oh arbol-slaying master of critical prolixity! bill aka

  3. Felicidades camarada! Muchas felicidades.

    A Laredense hits it big.