Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Brilliant Meditation on the Border: Adam Simpson

My first publication was on Autobiography at la frontera, the border, and I am presently editing a book to be entitled Bordered Sexualities: Bodies on the Verge of a Nation, way overdue--my apologies to the contributors--and so you might guess I am a sucker for, and totally obsessed by, anything that deals with frontiers, borders, etc. You might say I am always already on the verge of falling for or through the verge--forgive the Derridean syntax. In any event, I stumbled across the work of Adam Simpson and his Boundaries project. Go here and here for details. The "play" of his figures across and thru boundaries is mesmerizing.

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  1. i'm also fascinated by Borders. A quiet region to allow one to wander where there are no established laws, unless you're listening to your Ipod or labtop.