Sunday, April 26, 2009

What Hollywood Teaches us About Prehistoric "Mexicans"! They Fight like Demons, but Fair | Raquel Welch


  1. I thought Raquel was of Bolivian descent, not Mexican?

  2. Welch, a Bolivian? Absolutely, absolutely Jando! Regular devoted readers of this blog know that RaquelWelchian lore forms a key part of this operations vision--not for nothing is my posting on Jo Raquel Tejada the MOST visited page on this entire blog! However, when it comes to Hollywood, nationalist proclivities, in this case the huge difference between Mexico and Bolivia are the last thing on the minds of writers, directors, producers, and actresses. Welch is "Mexican" in the sense argued in my book Tex[t]-Mex, a luminous, erotic, overdetermined, sexualized body from the get-go, a semiotic synonym for the always-already potential for nefarious, south-of-the-belly-button action!