Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mexican, El Salvadoran Rivalry @ Ask A Mexican


  1. Just to be more logic, actually it was a huge mistake for your Salvi partner to marry you, a mexican. It is pretty foolish to get a divorce just because your mexican pals felt a inferior complex, and decided lashed out to your Salvi partner that way. You can really see their primitive behavior and cowardliness. Sadly it affects you too, because instead of defending your partner, you turned and gave a stab in the back. But i understand, my Salvi friends always try to not associated themselves with mexican things also, their disgust towards mexicans is pretty raw. While there are mexicans like your self who are clueless and dislike Salvis for reason which you dont even know, which sounds pathetic and childish ; )

  2. Actually its the other way around, its the Salvadorians who hate the Mexicans for pass reason…when the European (Spaniards) came to conquer the Americas, the mexican indians in the Aztec capitol foolishly saw the white settler as gods, while the indigenous peoples of Cuzcatlan in today’s El Salvador Central America saw the Europeans as barbarian and invaders. When the Spanish finally defeated the Aztecs, they proceeded to conquer the Civilizations in Central America Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. The Spanish took mexican indians the (Tlaxcala indians in particular) as auxiliaries, to help them conquer the indigenous in El Salvador. Thus the indigenous people in El Salvador saw the mexican indians as traitors to their own kind, that is were El Salvador’s hate towards mexicans started. The indigenous people in El Salvador were able to drive the Spanish and the mexican allies away for a while. Later, when mexico and Central America freed themselves from Spain, the mexican empire tried to swallow all of Central America, but El Salvador was the first one to object and reject mexico for some reason. that is the second reason why Salvadorian hated mexicans. After when the Salvadorian Civil war had begun, the Salvadorians crossed mexico to the USA as they do today, while crossing mexico, the Salvadorians face with violations and abuse. When the Salvadorians reached the USA they carried that rage and hatred with them, this laso happens to other Central Americans. That is the third reason why Salvadorians hate mexicans. When living in the USA the Salvadorians face abuse by mexican gangs and thus the Salvadorians with their military experience grouped themselves like hornet wasps and created their own gang and drove the mexicans away liek bubble bees from their hives, this was is Los Angeles. fourth reason why Salvadorians hate mexicans. Where as mexicans have no reason to hate Salvadorians. Once I asked a Salvadorian if he was mexicans, and he gave me a horrid look as if he thought mexicans were some kind of insignificant insects. I didn’t understand it, until i did some research. I found it funny when you said about the eww Salvi, because this is only said by mexicans. While the ((ewww mexican)) is said by other and most Latin Americans and Americas as well. I saw a Tyra show where a white American dated a mexican and the her friends bother her constantly saying horrible things about mexicans. I agree that the past is the past and Salvadorians and mexicans should just get along..