Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Darth Vader is Mexican!

(or “...a not so long time ago in a mindset not so far away...”)

Well, Darth Vader may not be Mexican, but he might as well be in the broader interpretative sense of this socio-visual schema from the “How Stuff Works” internet site:

Sure, all the gadgets and characters of Lucas’ Star Wars universe may be entirely unique, but what is all too ordinary and widespread is this image of the tall, dark, serape-sporting threat to petite blondness (that is to say, innocent whiteness) confirmed here.

This hackneyed photo may be accidental or deliberate, humorous or irksome, racist or just sadly misinformed, but the scenario represented here stands out as one more example of the violent, villainous Mexican threat that haunts us all in the parking lots and alleyways of our social psyche.

What should we tell the folks at The Discovery Channel, who sanction this curious internet site?  Let the bastards hear it at their official Discovery Channel viewer relations page.

En la lucha,

Marc García-Martínez
Hancock College Associate catedrático (of sorts) y prevailing malcontent

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