Friday, July 29, 2011

Josef Mengele, Sportswriter, or Adjectival Flatulence on the East Coast: Adrian Gonzalez, the Boston Red Sox, and Spock

"His face is wide and open, with eyebrows that are a bit too short for his forehead but that also shoot upward at their ends at sharp angles in a fashion not dissimilar to the ones that helped make Leonard Nimoy rich and famous long ago. He resembles a happy mixture of someone you might see on Star Trek and one of those Mesoamerican monolithic heads that dot the landscape of Central America." {emphasis added but not really needed...}

FROM "Gonzo finds a home: It sure took the Red Sox a long time to sign Adrian Gonzalez. But no time at all for the slugger to settle in" by Charles Pierce, in The Boston Globe.

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