Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MEXICAN MACHISMO in a bottle! (...this one is too easy, I know).

Strolling the materialist aisles at the local drug store, I came upon this curious medicinal pre-packaged artifact replete with some fairly overt biological and cultural connotations. With due commitment to this intrepid blog (and ignoring the little kid who was laughing at me while her mother was glaring), I forthwith managed to capture a crappy phone camera image or two:
Marketing sexuality and culture is nothing new. But Super Macho essentially criss-crosses both realms simultaneously, both in its rhetoric and symbolism. With the iconic big black horny bull, it promises its respective pill-popping hombre the ability to bring back their youth and endurance. In other words, if one finds that some things in their life are, well, hundimiento, then one can take a few of these and thus take back one's aggressive pride in one's own [cultural] masculinity!

p.s.  talk about intertextuality: Fox News Latino came out just a few short weeks ago with this news article on the sexual problems of Mexicans. Any kind of health dysfunction is nothing to snicker at, sure, but as a public service announcement to all gente who read this blog on both sides of la frontera, I suggest that perhaps the answer lies in these aforementioned amazing pills. Results of any personal experiments will of course be treated strictly as social-scientific data, and thus should be forwarded directly to the blog administrator.

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