Thursday, July 14, 2011

Of Silly Sombreros and Spiffy Shirts: Sartorial humor at its (bigoted) worst.

Straight from the BustedTees and Funny or Die websites, here's some real and imagined attire you may not necessarily wish to be seen sporting in or around East Los or Barrio Logan (click the images for the page):

Clever, no? A bit sinister perhaps. Of course, these t-shirts don't hold a candle to good ol' Joe Burton's "Magic Green Hat"! Sure, public satire of groups and ethnicities, and marketing racist taxonomies is nothing new, but something like this should always give us a degree of pause no matter how successfully they bring the funny. Why? Because racist humor is ultimately pendejada!

(By the way, I just placed my order a few minutes ago for that "Juan on Juan" t-shirt model in a size should arrive by next week!)

En la lucha,

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