Wednesday, May 08, 2013

¿Otra Vez? Sorority Marks Retreat a la Chola Sterotype

When five sorority sisters from California State San Marcos dressed up like Latina gang members, one hopes they were unaware the costumes were offensive. Pictures of the students dressed in plaid shirts and bandanas made the rounds on Instagram and Facebook but have now been taken down. The Alpha Chi Omega sorority sisters aren't talking about why they decided to be the latest campus organization to borrow from a stereotype cartoon for the purpose of bonding and celebration. Remember Baylor? No? Here's a reminder:

From Latino Rebels: "These public images show five young women dressed in sombreros, sarapes, mustaches, displaying "Green Card" signs, wearing what appears to be black shoe polish on their faces, and scaling a "border fence." The pictures were public images available on both social networking sites, before they were taken down ..."

Back in California, Megan Koelln, the Alpha Chi Omega president has apologized, saying they meant no harm when sorority sisters wore the costumes at a retreat. Apparently, no disciplinary action will be taken against the students but the university will provide diversity training to its students. Cal State will "also deploy a 'bias incident network' this fall to respond to future incidents of hate and bias." I don't think that is going to fly. Duke had the right idea when they suspended the fraternity that threw this party: 

Some other places are running the CSU's Cholagate story using this photo from Getty Images

I prefer to leave you with Celia Hodes (Elizabeth Perkins) from Weeds during her character's time up the river.

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