Friday, April 11, 2008

Emo-haters of Latin America, Unite!?

Just a quick note of a story Daniel Hernandez first broke and that Wired News is now following regarding Emo-bashing in Mexico--this turn of events south of the U.S. border--especially with regard to the macho, gay-bashing part of the anti-EMO movement--acts here as a sort of a purge for an earlier take that ran here this month, and is curious in its own right as well.

The Wired News story is of note for Gustavo Arellano's interesting use of the term "clusterfuck" which, against all rhetorical odds, appears measured, cogent, compelling, and incisive in the story!

Not all Tex[t]-Mex Galleryblog readers may be up to speed on the origins and nature of EMO, hence this fine, detailed, and lucid instructional video:


  1. Yeah, "Macho" bashing... Beating up on a bunch of depressed kids who they know won't even defend themselves!! Assholes...

  2. I've seen the people blame each other for the fierce adverse actions that have ruined peoples lives. I've watched families in the midst of their struggle to accept their own issues and take responsibility for their action. I am a poor example of a humble person, but I have learned a thing or two from those who speak from a place of compassion. All of you who push conceded lies and problems on to those around you should be taken in to account as those who care not for the future of our women and children. Your greed, your gluttony, your animosity, your ego trips are so crucial for this world to return to a place of gratitude, I'm so sure. So far, I seem to hold a grudge against those who don't listen to peers that care, presidents who share, and relatives who have died from swine flu because they weren't prepared. I'll work on losing that lousy grudge as long as you promise to come to grips with the habits that you'd best leave behind. Who can replace a painful past with a more helpful intention built to last?