Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Plastock! Mexlore! Mysterio! Stock Images for a New Xicanosmotic Tomorrow

CSA Images of Minneapolis, a visual treasure-trove of seminal semiotic brilliance (ocular jouissance in a jugular vein), now features a line of "Mexlore" and "Mysterio" images starring what appear to be 40s- and 50s-era pulp Latino fonnies, comic-book outtakes. I am in debt to the web-fetishists at boingboing.net for bringing this fine outfit and its funky, cool wares to my attention this morning; I am equally in debt to Kirk Demarais, for his relentless curiosity with regard to the Charles Spencer Anderson (CSA) design firm!

This is proof positive that dynamic and delicious XicanOsmotic evolution can come from the paint-brush of unibrowed Mexican geniuses AND Northern Midwest Graphic Designer Cheese-heads!

I am thinking of adopting this particular figure, featured to your right, from their "plastock" line, as an uncanny talismatic mascot for my new Eyegiene project with the Univeristy of Texas Press.

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