Friday, June 21, 2013

And the Award for Most Recent Racist Outing goes to...

The incomparable ex Butter-Lovin' Paula Deen! Come up Ms. Deen and accept your...


Darn. She apologized already. Move along. Nothing to see ya'll. Well.  If you do insist, there is something you should see. It is a video kicking off her official apology campaign. Don't judge. This probably has nothing to do with the empire she has to protect.

Ms. Deen (no relation to the sausage man as she is quick to point out in the depo) is in the middle of a lawsuit brought on by a former employer claiming discrimination. What? Just because she "details the Southern plantation wedding of her dreams, in which black waiters serve guests slave-style"does not a racist make.  Here's a transcript of her deposition. Grab your fan and your mint julep. It is worth the read.

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